Chattanooga Rubber and Gasket Co. was started in 1974 and is a privately owned company incoporated in the State of Tennessee, primarily servicing Tennessee and Georgia.

We are a Fabricator and Distributor of all types of Gaskets, Sheet Packing, Rubber and Metal Expansion Joints, Industrial, Hydraulic and Metal Hose, and many other supplies.

            Couplings                          Industrial Hoses                 Metal Hoses                   Spiral Wound Gasket

Couplings Industrial Hoses Metal Hoses  Spiral Wound Gasket

                                                                                                                                    Flexitallic Sigma

       Ring Joint Gasket                        Flex Pro                     Teflon Products                      Thermiculite

Ring Joint Gasket Flexitallic Style R-CG Teflon Products Flexitallic Sigma Thermiculite

Chattanooga Rubber and Gasket services Power Generation, Chemical, Bulk Handling, Transportation and Construction Industries.

Alstom Factory Power Generation Bulk Handling Construction Industry